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From Out of the Slumber

“The thing about having a manic and psychotic experience is that when you get catapulted into a realm where anything you can imagine becomes possible and real, you’re given a unique perspective, first hand, to explore the age old questions which we can never find the final answers to”

It Begins and Then…Just, Ends.

“I could describe my mood as unusual and if I were to physically describe it, it would be like I want to reach deep into my body, sliding between all the grime, bones and what not to pull out something remarkable that has some kind of enigma to it. Something worth exploring to find deeper insight into the nature of simply being. It gets tiring though; there’s only so much worth you can find from your own psyche without contributing more experiences to it and finding more evolved ways to live your life.”

The Solace of Human Kindness

“The beauty of what I learnt in helping run a general mental health peer support group in the past was that regardless of the unique personal journey that someone had come down, there was always something that that person could find within the journey to relate with and connect to other people who had something different to tell.”

And That’s the Waaay it Goes.

Lately I’ve felt closed down spiritually and…..rather than continue with a list of things that I could talk about in how I’ve not been doing as well as per usual I think I’ll go off in a different direction. Pure rambling, as I’m not coming in with any preconceived idea of what I want to write – maybe I’m just writing for the sake of writing right now. I wonder if a single post from someone seemingly insignificant can have a ripple effect on someone who is searching for meaning… Read more And That’s the Waaay it Goes.

Come to the Edge, but not Too Far.

Soooooo….how is it going in my world, some might wonder. Well, I’ve been taking on a lot more since I got out of hospital and it’s kind of been a test to see what is too much to take on and where the line is to draw for me, where I need to stop myself from breaking. I’m sure now that I’ve had that realisation; that point where I can safely say “I’m ok hanging here for now, thanks”. I recently got myself into a romantic relationship, which I’m very… Read more Come to the Edge, but not Too Far.

A Step in a Unified Direction

Since I’ve come out of hospital, things have been exciting and unexpected beyond belief. For the first time in my life I actually feel like I can create a way of living for myself. The mental health services have simply left me alone to get on with things, for better or worse, which I’ve come to expect now – but I am fine with that to an extent. Some of the experiences I’ve had since coming out of hospital some people would believe, others would think I’m insane. Like, for… Read more A Step in a Unified Direction

Further down the Rabbit Hole

Below is something I typed in hospital which I have recently been released from. I was in there approximately one month. I had a spirit walk before going in, which is why some of my previous posts are a little inaccurate. ————————————————————————-   These past four weeks or so I have been sectioned by law to a private Psychiatric hospital after I went on yet another Spirit walk (which is what I am calling my ‘psychosis’). With the utmost clarity, it has become clear that these places are needed in… Read more Further down the Rabbit Hole

Artistic Ways of Expressing Sickness in the World

Below is a story I put together while being inspired in a creative writing class. Eventually I had some help to expand upon it and finalise it. However, it’s more about my life and how I’ve come to see things due to my experiences, showing that because of Psychiatry this is what happened to me. There are metaphors and fantastical views about the relationships I’ve had, and then the expression of the reality that showed what I went through. Relationships have been essential for me to keep faith that I… Read more Artistic Ways of Expressing Sickness in the World